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Innerspace is a game from PolyKnight Games that shipped on PC/Mac/Linux and XboxOne/Ps4/Switch in mid-January of 2018, which I worked on for about a year and a half as a 3D generalist and level artist.

My roles were pretty diverse, us being a very small indie studio, and I was able to both enjoy working on environments/level art and pick up a vast range of other skills like rigging, animation, FX, and optimization for lower-end target platforms.

Below I've compiled some in-game screenshots of a few areas I worked on (descriptions in images).

SunChamber: Responsible for landscape rework, some level art, and overall scene optimization

Even Tide: Responsible for Level art, pink side landscape, and scene optimization

Dawn Vessel: Responsible for landscape, level art, large fish tank, and scene optimization

Relics: Split work pretty evenly of creating interactive relic assets. Pictured Above- Responsible for model, rig, and FX.

Avian Mirage: Responsible for world state change level art and scene optimization

In addition to broad scale environments, I was responsible for creating and animating a large number of assets. Below are the playable airframes I was tasked in making, for which I did all modeling, rigging, animation and implementation.

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