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ATT Recruitment VR App

Software Used:


The ATT Recruitment App is a VR experience designed for the Oculus GO which ATT used to train and inform new and prospective employees. Including VFX and sound implementation, I was tasked with achieving a few effects. Below I have compiled breakdowns of the various effects.


The geometry used in the scene.

Radial Pulse


When the user selects any option, a ring-shaped pulse is triggered on the floor, as seen from top down in the gif above. This was achieved with the following shader graph nodes below: subtracting the world position from the world origin (0,0,0) and taking the length of the result vector gives a circular mask which is the base of this effect.


Building Reveal Effect

We wanted to start the experience in a fairly empty scene and reveal the environment gradually. In order to achieve this, I used a similar node graph setup as the pulse effect above, by subtracting the world position from a custom vector fed in from a transform instead of the origin. That was then used as a mask for the opacity  of the shader to achieve the reveal seen below.


Scrolling Text on Walls

The client requested some brand copy to be incorporated somehow into the environment, but as the overall scene was fairly dark, we had to find a way to include it without feeling in the way of the interactive UI while still being legible. 

I achieved the below effect with a shader using a stencil pass as a mask and a simple panning scroll of the UVs. I collaborated with the 3D artist in creating the assets (UVs and texture layout) used for the effect, in order to get a crisp readable resolution for the texture.

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