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Expensive Mesh Finder


This simple tool started out as a very quick and dirty way of finding problematically high poly meshes in a busy scene at work. I've since recreated it on my own and expanded it to also narrow down the results and different parameters to sort by.

All the code can be found on this GitHub. but below are a couple sections of code. 


Above is the method called with the sort meshes button is clicked. The sort results drop-down determines which sort method is used. I'm just using default sort methods for the first two sort methods, but in the case of the lightmap size method, some extra figuring was required, so there is a separate method for it.

Below is that separate method. Because I need to keep track of the mesh filters in the scene while sorting the roughly calculated lightmap size. This method will likely see a refactor soon, but I ran with this as it gave the results needed.


(more tools coming soon)

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